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Tea is one of the necessary items that we require in our everyday lives and this is why Govindram Shobharam & Co., Tea Manufacturers in Sangli have brought to you a wide array of black tea leaves for you to choose from. Our company, one of the oldest in India, operating for over a hundred years now is well equipped with immense knowledge about tea leaves and their varieties and grades.

With our vast experience and knowledge in the line, we have very carefully selected and graded our GS Dust Tea and GS CTC Leaf Tea from the premium gardens of Assam. The expert professionals in our company have made careful selections so that you can enjoy your morning cup thoroughly no matter in which part of India you reside.

As Natural Green Tea Suppliers, you can trust us to supply you with organic tea and various grades of green and orange Pekoe tea leaves which have a very distinct aroma, flavour and taste that will rejuvenate you the moment you start sipping on it.

Be it our CTC Assam Dust Tea or Family Mixture Gold Tea – every item is of superior grade.

GS CTC Leaf Tea

Govindram Shobharam & Co. is one of the topmost Tea Leaf Manufacturers in Sangli in Maharashtra. We are the leading manufacturers of CTC leaf tea selling in the GS Tea brand name. Our tea is sold in very convenient packaging of various capacities like 250 gm, 500 gm and 1 kg packs.

Our Organic CTC Black Leaf Tea is widely acclaimed all over the country for the strong flavour and aroma that they throw up on brewing. It is distinctly recognized even at a distance. This is the speciality of the tea from the house of the GS group. We carefully grade and select our tea leaves from the best gardens in Assam so that we have the best varieties.

You can trust us to supply you with some original and genuine grades of GS CTC Leaf Tea that have different flavours and strengths. To name a few we supply Pekoe Green Tea, Green Pekoe Organic Tea, Orange Pekoe Tea, Flowery Orange Pekoe Tea, FOP Black Tea, TGFOP Black Tea, etc.



GS CTC Dust Tea

Following the norms and standards set by FSSAI certification, GS Group of Companies has become one of the most prominent CTC Assam Dust Tea suppliers from Pune. We have another packaging unit in Sangli which are two of the most modern tea packaging plants in the country.

We sell our GS CTC Dust Tea in convenient pack sizes of 250 gm, 500 gm and 1 kg. They are packed in very hygienic conditions in pouches that are automatically packed. The 100% dust tea is chosen from select gardens in Assam that are renowned for their black tea.

In this context, we also take pride in the fact that we sell numerous other grades of black tea. The grades include teas like Green Pekoe Organic Tea, Orange Pekoe Black Tea, GFOP Black Tea, Golden Flowery Orange Black Tea, TGFOP Black Tea, FBOP Black Tea, etc. All our various grades of black tea are aromatic and loaded with flavour that can rejuvenate you first thing in the morning.



Telefone Elaichi Tea

Apart from the GS brand, we as Elaichi Tea Suppliers from the house of GS Group of Companies also cater to the Indian market in the brand name Telefone. We conveniently pack our tea in various capacities that come in 1 kg containers and 250 gm pouches.

The Telefone Elaichi Tea can be shelved for 1 year if stored in proper conditions. We sell our tea under the certification of FSSAI and thus we follow all the standards and norms that are required of us.

The Cardamom Elaichi Chai is aromatic that it is just the right start to your morning. You can also try our various grades of tea. The other grades that we supply are Green Pekoe Tea, Orange Pekoe Black Tea, Orange Flowery Pekoe Tea, GFOP Black Tea, FTGFOP Tea, and Broken Orange Pekoe Tea are just a few of the various grades of tea that we supply. For a detailed enquiry, you can log into our site and search up our other grades of tea that we supply.


GS Gold Tea

Today the GS Group of companies is one of the leading Gold Tea Manufacturers from Pune. We sell our family mixture in packs of 250 gm and 500 gm. They are a combination of Assam and Darjeeling Orthodox Black Tea which is said to be one of the best combinations. They are sold in metalized polyester poly packs and supplied all over India.

Our Family Mixture Gold Tea is an assortment of various types of black teas that are sourced from the best gardens of Assam and Darjeeling. We have many varieties and grades that include Pekoe Tea, Orange Pekoe, Black Tea FOP, FOP leaf loose Tea, Orange Pekoe Black Tea, Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe Tea, FBOP Black Tea and the list is endless.

We assure you that whatever grade of tea that we package at our modern units in Pune and Sangli are the topmost grades. They are an assortment of various black teas that have been carefully selected from the best gardens.


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